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Name Category Address
A & I Enterprises Restaurants 3033 Coney Island Ave
Anatolian Gyro Restaurant Restaurants 1605 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill Restaurants 2505 Emmons Ave
Atlantic Grill Restaurants 196 Neptune Ave
Atlantic Oceana Restaurants 1029 Brighton Beach Ave
Avenue X Gourmet Deli Restaurants 2120 Avenue X
Baku Palace Restaurant Restaurants 2001 Emmons Ave
Balli Deli Corp Restaurants 2616 Ocean Pkwy
Bb Burgers Grill Restaurants 2201 Avenue X
Bistro Restaurants 2801 Coney Island Ave
Bread Basket Restaurants 307 Brighton Beach Ave
Burger King Restaurants 2481 Knapp St
C & Z Siam Orchid Inc Restaurants 2259 Emmons Ave
Cafe Dolce Vita Restaurants 1027 Brighton Beach Ave
Cafe Glechik Restaurants 3159 Coney Island Ave
Cafe Glechik Restaurants 1655 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Cafe Istanbul Restaurants 1715 Emmons Ave
Cafe Loco Restaurants 3160 Coney Island Ave
Cafe Minutka Restaurants 504 Brighton Beach Ave
Cafe Okhotnik Inc Restaurants 3810 Nostrand Ave
Cafe Paris Restaurants 3178 Coney Island Ave
Cafe Restaurant Volna Restaurants 3145 Brighton 4th St # B1
Cafe Tabu Restaurants 2205 Avenue X
Calens Mixed Cuisine Restaurants 2936 Avenue X
Cappuccino On The Bay Restaurants 2570 E 17th St # D
Champion Foods Inc Restaurants 1715 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Cheng Jiang Restaurant Restaurants 1613 Oriental Blvd
Chicken Masters Restaurants 1201 Avenue Z
Chief Fast Food Restaurants 2678 Coney Island Ave
Chikurin Restaurants 1087 Brighton Beach Ave # A
Chikurin Restaurant Restaurants 1661 Sheepshead Bay Rd # 1
China Buffet Restaurants 2027 Emmons Ave # 10
China Max Restaurant Restaurants 2261 Emmons Ave
Chinatown Restaurant Restaurants 2306 Voorhies Ave
Chop Stick House Restaurants 1119 Brighton Beach Ave
Circles Restaurant Restaurants 2801 Coney Island Ave
Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse Restaurants 3939 Emmons Ave
Coney Island Disco Co Restaurants 3155 Coney Island Ave
Coney Island Svc Restaurants 2769 Coney Island Ave
Coney Island Svc Restaurants 2769 Coney Island Ave
Creperie Blinnaya Restaurants 109 Oriental Blvd
Deniz Restaurant Inc Restaurants 2255 Emmons Ave
Dessert Palace Restaurants 2265 Emmons Ave
Eastern Feast Restaurants 1003 Brighton Beach Ave
El Greco Diner Restaurants 1821 Emmons Ave
El Jarrochito Restaurants 195 Neptune Ave
Eurama Cafe Restaurants 3847 Nostrand Ave
Exculsive Delicatessan Restaurants 411 Brighton Beach Ave
Freddy & Fernandos Restaurant Restaurants 469 E 156
Friendly Food Restaurants 1627 Jerome Ave
Gambrinus Seafood Cafe Inc Restaurants 3100 Ocean Pkwy
Garden Bay Cafe Restaurants 1788 Sheepshead Bay Rd # A
Gena's Caffe Cappuccino Restaurants 409 Brighton Beach Ave
Goody Chinese Restaurant Restaurants 1741 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Great Wall Kitchen Restaurants 2932 Avenue X
Grill Master Restaurants 1520 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Grotta D'oro On The Bay Restaurants 3206 Emmons Ave
Gvr Plus Inc Caspiy Rstrnt Restaurants 1309 Avenue Z
Hong Kong City Restaurants 3081 Emmons Ave
House Garden Restaurants 2102 Avenue X
Id Castle Restaurants 3099 Emmons Ave
Igi Restaurant Inc Restaurants 3145 Brighton 4th St # B2
Ii Fornetto Restaurants 2902 Emmons Ave
International Cafe Kachkar Restaurants 1141 Brighton Beach Ave
Ionia Cafe Restaurants 1726 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Knapp Street Bagels Corp Restaurants 2771 Knapp St
Kouros Bay Diner Restaurants 3861 Nostrand Ave
La Petit Cafe Restaurants 3087 Brighton 4th St # B
Langeron Restaurants 242 Brighton Beach Ave
Lara Restaurants 2255 Emmons Ave
Liman Deli Restaurants 2710 Emmons Ave
Liman Restaurant Restaurants 2710 Emmons Ave
Maria's Restaurant Restaurants 3073 Emmons Ave
Marine Academic Ctr Cafeteria Restaurants 2001 Oriental Blvd
Marmaris Restaurant Restaurants 3081 Emmons Ave
Maru Sushi Restaurant Restaurants 277 Neptune Ave
Masakari Restaurants 1631 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Mc Donald's Restaurants 1509 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Meat Heaven Inc Restaurants 239 Brighton Beach Ave
Metropole Restaurant & Ctrng Restaurants 2775 Coney Island Ave
Mgm Deli Restaurants 3043 Emmons Ave
Michael's Cafe Restaurants 3152 Brighton 6th St
Mikado Japanese Inc Restaurants 1734 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Mitoushi Japanese Rstrnt Inc Restaurants 1714 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Momoyama Restaurants 1901 Emmons Ave # 110
Nargis Cafe Restaurants 2818 Coney Island Ave
National Restaurant Restaurants 273 Brighton Beach Ave
Neptune Grill Restaurants 198 Neptune Ave
New Cats Cafe Restaurants 2027 Emmons Ave # 8
New China Kitchen Restaurants 271 Neptune Ave # A
New York Steak House Restaurants 2007 Emmons Ave
Night Light Cafe Restaurants 1657 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Oasis Cafe Restaurants 2689 Coney Island Ave
Ocean View Deli Restaurants 97 W End Ave
Oceanview Cafe Inc Restaurants 290 Brighton Beach Ave # A
Opium Restaurants 3202 Emmons Ave
Oriental Chinese Restaurant Restaurants 2901 Ocean Pkwy
Osiza Inc Restaurants 3086 Brighton 2nd St
Pak Nashamen Restaurant Restaurants 3149 Coney Island Ave
Palace Fried Chicken Restaurants 523 Brighton Beach Ave # 1
Paradise Gardens Restaurant Restaurants 2814 Emmons Ave
Pastorale Restaurant Restaurants 410 Brighton Beach Ave
Peking Sun Kitchen Restaurants 3790 Nostrand Ave
Primorski Restaurant Restaurants 282 Brighton Beach Ave # B
Puff Cafe Restaurants 1307 Avenue Z
R V Armenia Restaurants 1794 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Randazzo's Clam Bar Restaurants 2023 Emmons Ave
Rasputin Restaurants 2670 Coney Island Ave
Rasputin Caterers Restaurants 2670 Coney Island Ave
Riviera Grill & Sushi Restaurants 3100 Ocean Pkwy # 1
Sabor Latino Pollo Rotisado Restaurants 3715 Nostrand Ave
Sakura Ii Inc Restaurants 1650 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Sakura Japanese Restaurant Restaurants 2832 Coney Island Ave
Seacoast Coney Island Restaurants 3174 Coney Island Ave
Seaport Buffet Restaurants 2027 Emmons Ave
Sedef Bakery Restaurants 1111 Brighton Beach Ave
Shama Restaurant Restaurants 232 Neptune Ave
Sheherizada Inc Restaurants 2027 Emmons Ave # 2
Sherizade Restaurant Restaurants 2027 Emmons Ave
Shurovin Corp Restaurants 3810 Nostrand Ave
Spoon Restaurant Restaurants 615 Brighton Beach Ave
Subway Restaurants 1503 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Subway Restaurants 2801 Knapp St # 4
Subway Restaurants 3847 Nostrand Ave
Subway Restaurants 2600 E 21st St # 5h
Superior Grocery & Deli Restaurants 3045 Coney Island Ave
Sweet Delight Inc Restaurants 1079 Brighton Beach Ave
Sweik Corp Restaurants 2027 Emmons Ave
Tacos El Rey Restaurants 3168 Coney Island Ave
Tatiana Cafe Restaurants 3145 Brighton 4th St
Tatiana Restaurant Restaurants 3152 Brighton 6th St
Tgi Friday's Restaurants 3181 Harkness Ave
Third Season Restaurants 1311 Brightwater Ave
Tokyo Boy Restaurants 3788 Nostrand Ave
Top Taco & Top China Restaurants 1654 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Tre Fratelli Restaurants 2311 Avenue Z
Umi Japanese Cuisine Restaurants 215 Brighton Beach Ave
Wheeler's Restaurant Restaurants 1707 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Win Way Restaurants 2830 Coney Island Ave
Winter Garden Restaurant Restaurants 3152 Brighton 6th St # A
X O Creperie Restaurants 2027 Emmons Ave # 13
Yiasou Restaurants 2003 Emmons Ave
Yoshinoya Japanese Restaurant Restaurants 1741 Sheepshead Bay Rd
Yummy China Restaurants 1508 Sheepshead Bay Rd

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